I love writing books. The first one, Wavelets and Subband Coding, took me and Martin four years to write. The second one, Foundations of Signal Processing, took me, Martin, and Vivek, twelve years to write. We are writing the third one, Fourier and Wavelet Signal Processing; trick question How many years will it take us to write it?

When I write, I go to my happy place, my bubble. When I write, I allow myself to obsess about such seemingly insignificant things as commas, both for style and substance. Writing my second book helped me get through some tough times, including losing my parents. These are my brain kids, and I’m hoping for more.

Foundations of Signal Processing (2014)

Foundations of Signal ProcessingTogether with the upcoming Fourier and Wavelet Signal Processing, the two books aim to present the essential principles in signal processing along with mathematical tools and algorithms for signal representation. They comprehensively cover both classical Fourier techniques and newer basis constructions from filter banks and multiresolution analysis—wavelets. Furthermore, they gives a synthetic view from basic mathematical principles, to construction of bases, all the way to concrete applications.


Fourier and Wavelet Signal Processing

On the book site, we offer a free version (lacking only hyperlinks, color, and exercises) and a number of additional resources, such as Mathematica demonstrations, lecture slides, etc. The paid copy comes with the free Mathematica companion, which recreates all the figures in the book. To the instructors, we offer the Solutions Manual, as well as additional material.

 Wavelets and Subband Coding (1995)

books_wsbbooks_wsb_japaneseFirst published in 1995, Wavelets and Subband Coding offered a unified view of the exciting field of wavelets and their discrete-time cousins, filter banks, or subband coding. The book developed the theory in both continuous and discrete time, and presented important applications. During the past two decades, it filled a useful need in explaining a new view of signal processing based on flexible time-frequency analysis and its applications. The book was originally published by Prentice Hall and has been translated into Japanese. Martin and I bought back the copyright and distribute the book freely on the book site. A bound copy can be bought on Amazon and CreateSpace.

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  1. Dear Dr. Kovacevic, Just wanted to tell you what a gifted writer you are. Your books and papers have helped me immeasurably, especially in the area of frame theory. Your new textbook is a classic and I certainly cannot wait until the “Fourier and Wavelet Signal Processing” book is finished. I am the Wavelet Toolbox lead engineer at MathWorks and a Bell Labs alum — I feel fortunate to have that in common with you! I follow your research with keen interest and look forward to much more.

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