math, music, and patterns

I’ve loved math since I was a little girl; I loved puzzles, riddles, and number games of any sort. My dad used to play with me palačinke (Serbian for crêpe) games: “Your mom made 10 palačinke, your brother ate 3; how many are left?” Math was sweet. 
I’ve loved music for almost as long; I was fascinated by the patterns notes would dance in front of me. I could quickly recognize themes and transitions just by looking.

It has all been about patterns for me: recognizing, connecting, and creating patterns. I see structure and organization, almost like an architectural piece. I see and feel beauty in math the same way I hear and feel it in music.

This beauty must be shared; so I became an educator. The years since I’ve joined Carnegie Mellon have been intellectually the most joyful of my life. I’ve had a chance to teach and learn thanks to all the students, staff, and my faculty colleagues. I train my students not only in our scientific discipline, but also in scientific writing, giving presentations, and communication. In a recent survey of top electrical & computer engineering employers we ran, effective communication was identified as one of the top three skills they are looking for in new graduates. Thus, this blog. I want to share what I have learned throughout the years of teaching and writing with all of you. Stay tuned …

2 thoughts on “math, music, and patterns

  1. Thrilled to see you are blogging! Looking forward to reading more…
    (PS: Loved the pictures that accompany the posts.)

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